China to launch satellite safer history

China will launch the first satellite in the world with capacity for quantum communications between space and Earth, as revealed Pan Jianwei, a member of the Academy of Sciences of China.

The satellite makes China the only country that allows secure encryption of communications in the context of increasing espionage.

In addition, the country reported that Beijing is developing the Line – Shanghai, the first line of quantum communication security in the world. The line will be operational in the second half of this year.

Quantum technology is developing rapidly and China leads several areas of the field. The government wants to build a communication network a quantum Asia and Europe for 2020 and 2030 overall.

The ability to send secure messages from one location on the planet to another has an obvious and immediate attraction for governments, military and several private organizations.

“The case of Edward Snowden has told us that the information on transport networks is exposed to the risk of being captured or attacked by hackers,” said Jianwei.

Any attempt to access the encryption is detected immediately by the system. However, the sensitivity of the quantum connections difficult to hold steady over long distances.


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