A NASA satellite discovers secrets 39 points of global pollution

Governments around the world and large and medium companies anywhere in the world are required to declare the greenhouse gas emissions caused by their activity. In this emissions inventory also it includes the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

The data listed in the inventory used, for example, to determine the responsibility of each country in the global problems of pollution and climate change, and to set the objectives of international agreements to reduce these impacts.

It is not always easy to check if emissions data provided by companies and governments are true, and on several occasions it has been speculated about hiding large sources of emissions.

Space surveillance helps the planet

A team of researchers from the United States and Canada has now used the data accumulated by the scientific satellite Aura, NASA, and a new system of analysis of these data in order to discover the actual emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide sulfur from natural sources such as volcanoes or human activities such as burning fossil fuels and oil wells and refineries.

Sulfur dioxide is a gas with very negative effects on the environment and health of people; and specifically involved in the processes of acid rain and enhances the greenhouse effect (climate change).


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